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Yeezy Foam Runners are slip-on lifestyle shoes designed by Kanye West, produced through a partnership with Adidas to design shoes and clothing. The Foam Runners feature a subversive clog-like silhouette. Foam Runners do not have laces and instead feature a seamless look. The iconic shape is unlike anything else we’ve seen in the streetwear realm before.

First released in 2020, foam runners are available in a multitude of color ways.

Foam runners are almost entirely made from algae in an attempt to create more sustainable products. Like many other Yeezy products, foam runners are also made from EVA foam which is a lightweight synthetic foam. Foam runners also use natural dyes.

There are several ways you can look out for fake Yeezy Foam Runners. Want a shortcut? We’ll let you know for free at one of our in-store locations. First, search the barcode number on your box. The correct product should come up, matching in colorway and size. Compare the label in general to a legit label and check that the correct words are used and included. Foam runners also have a specific grainy texture that most counterfeits cannot mimic. You can also check the shape and size of the shoe’s holes.

Yeezy foam runners can be cleaned easily with a simple moist cloth and dish detergent. Sneaker cleaner also works but is not necessary. Need to pick up some sneaker cleaner?

Bullseye Sneaker Boutique carries a wide selection of Yeezy including both recent releases and classic designs. All sizes and colors are available to be shopped online at the link below.

Because it’s very difficult to buy Yeezy foam runners at their original retail price, you may have to cough up a little extra to get your hands on a pair. Browse the Bullseye collection below to compare some prices and pick your best option!

Foam runners are known to fit true to size, but they are not produced in half sizes. If you wear a half size, you should size up when purchasing foam runners.

Yeezy Foam Runners are the first Yeezy product to be produced in the United States. This is subject to change with the current shift in the brand.