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Denim Tears is an African-American sportswear brand founded by Tremaine Emory. The clothes that the label produces are meant to critique American politics and speak to the diversity of the black experience in America. In 2022, Emory became the creative director of Supreme. Notable Denim Tears collaborations include Levi’s and Converse. The brand also reclaims cotton, a material with a harmful past when it comes to the black community, in order to create their products with a sense of new ownership. 

Denim Tears manufacturing is based in Los Angeles.

Because of their unique nature and high quality materials, Denim Tears products may sell at higher price points than others. Because Denim Tears uses Levi’s as the base for many of their styles, you should expect to pay a price that reflects custom-altered Levi’s.

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Typically, you can select your regular size in Denim Tears jeans. Denim Tears offers several length options as of late, so you’ll also make sure you are purchasing the best length for you.