What is Hellstar and who founded it?

Hellstar was founded by Sean Holland (@hellstarseanie), supported by his high school friends. The brand concept centers around the idea that earth is a place of hell, yet people can still be stars in the midst of it, shining through the darkness. Holland is the child of pastors, and therefore, was heavily influenced by Christianity in the design of the brand. Hellstar uses religious iconography, particularly Jesus, to support this vision. A COVID-launch, Hellstar has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the streetwear industry, specializing in casualwear: T-shirts and sweats. Hellstar products are extremely limited, dropping in small collections the brand calls “capsules”.

Where is Hellstar made?

Hellstar products are produced in Los Angeles.

Why is Hellstar so expensive?

Hellstar products are produced by a small team and dropped in extremely limited quantities. Each Hellstar capsule of new products is extremely sought after and exclusive. Therefore, high prices reflect the products’ rarity.

Where can I buy real Hellstar online?

Bullseye offers a wide selection of many Hellstar products which you can browse at fair prices below. Watch out for Bullseye sales and for new Hellstar products to become available.

How does Hellstar fit?

Hellstar shirts have a relaxed and oversized fit. Hoodies and other sweatwear are often also intentionally oversized, but vary by product.