When did the Travis Scott Black Phantoms release?

The latest in the line of Travis Scott collaborations, the “Black Phantom” Air Jordan 1s dropped on December 5th, 2022. The shoe is the newest addition to Scott’s group of collaborations and has been highly anticipated.

How are the Black Phantoms different from other Travis Scott releases?

The “Black Phantom” Air Jordan 1s are the only black shoe in the series of collaborations. The sneakers are also offered at a lower price point than the other releases, making them much more attainable (yet still equally impressive) when compared to the other releases. Additionally, the “Black Phantom” Jordans come with more variety in laces than the previous collabs. Included with your purchase of these shoes are pairs of red, black, and checkered laces, the last of which is a wider, more stylistic choice. 

How do the Black Phantom AJ1s fit?

 Like most Jordans, the Travis Scott “Black Phantom” sneakers fit true to size. When purchasing, you can feel confident selecting your normal size. 

Where can I buy the Black Phantom Air Jordan 1s?

You can buy all sizes of the new Travis Scott “Black Phantom” Air Jordan 1s on the Bullseye website at the link below.

What do the Travis Scott Black Phantoms look like?

The new Travis Scott “Black Phantom” Air Jordan 1 Lows are almost entirely black. Like Scott’s other collaborations, the shoe features an unconventional reverse swoosh on the outer panels of the shoe and the classic Nike swoosh on the inner panels. White stitching provides a subtle contrast, and red embroidery incorporates Cactus Jack branding. This stitching can be seen on the tongue of the shoe. Cactus jack branding also dons the medial panel in an easy-to-miss black. On the back, the sneaker features asymmetric embroidery: the left shoe with the Bee and Wings logo and the right resembling a classic Air Jordan heel. The insoles are covered with various Air Jordan and Travis Scott symbols colored in red and white. 

What are the Black Phantom Jordans made from?

The Travis Scott “Black Phantom AJ1s design features full black suede coverage and a matching dark sole. The shoe also features multicolored embroidery. 

What comes with the Travis Scott Black Phantoms?

Included in a purchase of the “Black Phantom” AJ1s is a sleek black box and several sets of laces. More classic red and black laces are included, but sneakerheads will also find a wider checkered option. You’ll also find wrapping paper omitted and in its place, find two black bandanas dressing the shoes.

Release Date: December 5th, 2022

Color: Black/Phantom/University Red

Style Code: DM7866-001​​​​​​​