SHOE FEATURE: Yeezy 350 Mx Blue

By Savanna Lattanzi | July 27th, 2023

Released in March of 2022, the Yeezy 350 V2 Mx Blue colorway might be one of the more colorful Yeezys to release. Still sporting a monochromatic palette (a classic Yeezy move), this frosty colorway features icy and murky tones alike. The iconic knit upper construction of the shoe is colored with a mirage of blues, gray, and cream to create an organic marbling that is common to the Mx releases. The solid blue and gray stripe offsets this freeform look to provide some structure to the otherwise natural feel of the shoe. Finishing off the shoes is the translucent curvy outsole which gives the 350 its shape.

 Look out for Bullseye to restock this Yeezy favorite! Check back at the link below to reserve your pair.

Have questions about Yeezy 350s? Check out our FAQ for more info: YEEZY 350 FAQ

Release Date: March 2022
Color: Mx Frost Blue (Gray/Blue/Cream)
Style Code: GW3375