Bullseye Streetwear brand of the Year: Hellstar Studios

By Savanna Lattanzi | December 18th, 2023

According to Bullseye staff, Hellstar is the standout streetwear brand of 2023. With Tremaine Emory’s Denim Tears coming in a close second, Hellstar’s versatile sets and graphic prints put the brand over the top.

 Hellstar is the brainchild of Sean Holland and is operated by a close knit group of Holland’s family and friends. Holland describes the vision of the brand to be clothes for those who are ‘Hellstars’, people who are shining light in the darkness that is life on earth. The creator’s Christian influences are present throughout the brand’s iconography. Hellstar’s T-shirts and sweatshirts have received acclaim across the streetwear industry (and amongst the Bullseye team). 

The brand’s collections drop in exclusive quantity ‘capsules’. Hellstar Capsule 10 (The Path to Paradise) released this year and was a particularly influential and successful collection for the brand. Capsule 10 features a contrast of bright and neutral tones and heavily displays the brand’s flames and star motifs.

Bullseye features an extensive selection of Hellstar products, both from Capsule 10 and previous collections. Click the link below to shop Hellstar, and check out jeans from our runner-up brand Denim Tears