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Jerry Lorenzo, launching the label in 2013 marked the beginning of a far more personal journey—and one that reached a logical conclusion with the launch of Essentials, a more competitively priced sister label to Fear of God’s signature pieces, in 2018. “When we first started Essentials five years ago, in all honesty, my heart was in creating a diffusion collection for the kids that couldn’t afford what we were doing at a luxury level,” Lorenzo explains over the phone from his studio in Los Angeles. “A lot of people were put off by the price points without having the education of why the prices were what they were, without understanding the nuances of the construction of the fabrics and materials that go into creating luxury.” With his latest Essentials collection, dropping on Pacsun, Lorenzo is continuing to make good on that promise, with pieces retailing between $40 and $200. Here, the Essentials logo is plastered across sweatshirts, knits, and jersey shorts—a clear indication that the brand is becoming a status symbol in its own right. “We don’t feel that accessibility needs to be a knockoff or a cheaper version of a better thing,” Lorenzo explains. “Why not just make a great thing at an accessible price point that is founded in honesty?”

Fear of God is known to fit oversized. We suggest that you purchase a size down from your regular size for a normal fit. If you choose to style Fear of God as seen on their models, one can select their regular size for an oversized fit.

Bullseye Sneaker Boutique has a wide selection of normally sold out Fear of God releases. Both past and recent styles are available to be shopped online.

Fear of God is manufactured in both Italy and Los Angeles, California. The majority of their products are produced in Los Angeles, California.