Amiri FAQ

What is Amiri and who founded it?

Widely known for their jeans, the brand Amiri has gained immense renown and popularity in the past few years. Mike Amiri (the namesake of the brand and its founder) is known for his unique stacked jean fit. Amiri is one of the fastest growing labels in the world and has opened numerous stores in key locations over the past few years. Rock-inspired and more subtle takes alike, Amiri’s Los Angeles-based designs (most notably jeans) have become wildly in demand. A 90s feel is central to the vibe. High quality is the name of the game with Amiri products. Amiri jeans have been seen on countless celebrities, and the rapper Pop Smoke has mentioned Mike Amiri in his song “Dior”.

Where is Amiri made?

Amiri products are produced in Los Angeles; however, the brand’s materials come from Italy, France, and Japan. Because of this, Amiri blends international and local fashion.

Why is Amiri so expensive?

Because of their unique nature and high quality materials, Amiri products may sell at higher price points than other jeans.

Where can I buy real Amiri online?

Bullseye offers a wide selection of many Amiri products which you can browse at fair prices below. Watch out for Bullseye sales and for new Amiri products to become available. 

How does Amiri Fit?

Typically, you can select your regular size in Amiri jeans. With this said, those with thicker thighs may want to size up. Amiri also states that there is no harm in sizing up for a looser fit as well.