Anti Social Social Club FAQ

What is Anti Social Social Club and who founded it?

Anti Social Social Club was founded by Neek Lurk (Andrew Buenaflor). The brand has engaged in many notable collaborations and is owned by Marquee Brands. Even in name, ASSC brings awareness to mental health issues, particularly depression, inspired by the designer’s own experience in his 20s. The first product to bring the brand success was the ASSC flagship hat.

Where is Anti Social Social Club made?

ASSC products are produced in Los Angeles.

Why is Anti Social Social Club so expensive?

ASSC is produced by a small crew of people (though this might change under new acquisition). Because of this, items are extremely limited and therefore, may sell at higher prices.

Where can I buy real Anti Social Social Club online?

Bullseye offers a wide selection of many ASSC products which you can browse at fair prices below. Watch out for Bullseye sales and for new ASSCi products to become available.

How does Anti Social Social Club Fit?

ASSC fits true to size, but purchasers should note that, like many other streetwear brands, their products are oversized by style.