What is Comme des Garçons and who founded it?

The brand Comme des Garçons was first begun in 1973 in Japan by Rei Kawakubo. The brand is based in Paris and the name translates to “like boys”. Including all forms of clothing and accessories, Comme des Garcons brings understated to the next level. The brand was the first to intentionally distress clothing. Since its inception CdG has launched a multitude of sub-brands. Most notably, the sub-brand Play was launched in 2012, and since then, the iconic heart with eyes has become a worldwide symbol of luxury streetwear.

Where is Comme des Garçons made?

Play, the iconic CdG streetwear line is produced largely in Japan, Turkey, Spain, and France.

Why is Comme des Garçons so expensive?

CdG is a long-lasting global fashion hit, so you can expect that their prices might be elevated. Their products are also largely produced abroad, using high quality materials. These factors may affect pricing.

Where can I buy real Comme des Garçons online?

Bullseye offers a wide selection of many CdG products which you can browse at fair prices below. Watch out for Bullseye sales and for new Comme des Garçons products to become available.

How does Comme des Garçons Fit?

CdG clothes usually run small, so when you’re buying these items you should size up a whole size. Play’s iconic Converse collaboration is said to run large.