What is Gallery Dept. and who founded it?

Gallery Dept. is a unisex clothing brand which specializes in reinterpretations of vintage clothing through alterations. Josué Thomas founded the brand in 2017 to fuse his passions for vintage clothing and art. Thomas was influenced heavily by his parents, both artists. His father, Stefan Gilbert, also operated a womenswear label for a brief period of time. Thomas has said in past interviews that his penchant for vintage clothes grew out of his admiration for the unique quality of the aged items in his parents’ closets. Before he operated his own brand, Thomas worked for Ralph Lauren. He began making one a kind reconstructed vintage pieces, and in 2016, he sold a altered poncho off of his back to Johnny Depp’s stylist. By the following year, Gallery Dept. was officially underway.

Where is Gallery Dept. Manufactured?

Gallery Dept. handles both their design and production under one roof in Los Angeles, California. The facility has both a storefront as well as clothing production works. Tailor Jesse Jones assists in the ensign and construction of products. 

Why is Gallery Dept. so expensive?

Gallery Dept. items may have a higher price value due to careful design, limited quantity, and a unique vision.

How does Gallery Dept. Fit?

Gallery Dept. clothing is known to fit true to size. We recommend purchasing the normal size that you wear for a perfect fit. In addition, Gallery Dept. jeans and other clothing are unlikely to shrink over time or with wash. Some styles may be designed to be worn over-sized.