What is Goyard and who founded it?

Goyard was first called “House of Martin” and was founded by Pierre-François Martin in 1792. In 1853, the brand was dubbed “House of Goyard” after the (then) current head. Now, Goyard remains a top luxury brand, known for understated branding and advertising. Originally, Goyard focused on luggage, but has since branched out into accessories, the products we see on high-end streetwear icons. Outpacing Louis Vuitton by only one year, Goyard is the longest continuous producer of luggage. The “marquage” print was originally hand painted, and the unique tessellation makes Goyard products easily recognizable on the street. Notably, Goyard does not sell online, so you’ll need to visit one of their retail locations or browse the Bullseye online collection!

Where is Goyard made?

Goyard is made exclusively in France in converted wine warehouses which now serve as workshops.

Why is Goyard so expensive?

One of the most exclusive retailers in the world, you can expect Goyard products to sell at high prices. Due to high quality materials and limited availability, products may have high price points. Though you may be able to take the trip to one of their locations to shop at retail prices, you may find discounts at international retailers like Bullseye online or in-store.

Where can I buy real Goyard online?

Bullseye offers a wide selection of Goyard products which you can browse at fair prices below. Watch out for Bullseye sales and for new Goyard products to become available.