Yeezy 500 FAQ

What are Yeezy 500s?

Launched in 2017, Yeezy 500s are sneakers designed by Kanye West, produced through a partnership with Adidas to design shoes and clothing. They are known for comfort and style versatility. They were first released in the “Desert Rat” colorway. The design is best known for its largely monochromatic colorways and chunky silhouette.

What are Yeezy 500s made of?

The sole of the Yeezy 500s is made with adiPRENE technology. The upper construction is made with suede and mesh. 

How do I legit check Yeezy 500s?

There are several ways you can look out for fake Air Yeezy 500s. Want a shortcut? We’ll let you know for free at one of our in-store locations. First, you can compare the shoe to online authentic pictures. If you have a box, you can also compare the box and shoe label. Make sure to google the product label number to make sure the right size and colorway come up. If you’re still not sure, feel free to bring your shoes in to check with us!

How do I clean Yeezy 500s?

Yeezy 500s can be cleaned easily with a simple moist cloth and dish detergent on the sole. Sneaker cleaner is helpful for cleaning the entire shoe. Need to pick up some sneaker cleaner?

You can purchase some below.

How much are Yeezy 500s?

Because it’s very difficult to buy Yeezy 500s at their original retail price, you may have to cough up a little extra to get your hands on a pair. Browse the Bullseye collection below to compare some prices and pick your best option!

How do Yeezy 500s fit?

Yeezy 500s fit snuggly naturally. Size up for a roomier fit.

Where can I buy authentic Yeezy 500s?

Bullseye Sneaker Boutique carries a wide selection of Yeezy including both recent releases and classic designs. All sizes and colors are available to be shopped online at the link below.

Where are Yeezy 500s Manufactured?

Yeezy 500s are produced in China, however this may shift due to the termination of Ye’s Adidas partnership.