Air Jordan 9 FAQ

What are Air Jordan 9s?

Air Jordan 9s were first released in 1993. Though this design was never worn by Michael Jordan (who by this time had transitioned from basketball to baseball), the Jordan brand continued to be inspired by Jordan’s energy and feats. Designed to be light and give an international perspective, the shoes were originally fairly minimalist with features in several languages.

What are Air Jordan 9s made of?

Jordan 9s are typically constructed of leather and nubuck, a synthetic leather. In recent iterations, the brand has also incorporated other materials, notably suede. 

How do I legit check Air Jordan 9s?

There are several ways you can look out for fake Air Jordan 9s. Want a shortcut? We’ll let you know for free at one of our in-store locations. First, you can compare the shoe to online authentic pictures. If you have a box, you can also compare the box and shoe label. Make sure to google the product label number to make sure the right size and colorway come up. If you’re still not sure, feel free to bring your shoes in to check with us!

How do I clean Air Jordan 9s?

Air Jordan 9s can be cleaned with a sneaker cleaning kit or with warm water and soap. You can also use a soft-bristled brush. Soak your shoelaces separately in a solution of water and soap. Wet or baby wipes can be used to remove minor dirt throughout the shoe. Bullseye can set you up with a high quality cleaning kit at the link below.

How much are Air Jordan 9s?

The price of Air Jordan 9s can vary depending on releases. Browse the Bullseye collection below to compare some prices and pick your best option!

How do Air Jordan 9s Fit?

Jordan 9s typically fit true to size. You can always size up or down according to personal preference for a roomier or snugger fit.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Air Jordan 9s Online?

Bullseye Sneaker Boutique carries a wide selection of Air Jordan 9s including both recent releases and classic designs. All sizes and colors are available to be shopped online at the link below.

Where are Air Jordan 9s Manufactured?

Air Jordan 9s are manufactured in China and Taiwan in Nike factories.