Taylor Swift Eras as Jordans

By Savanna Lattanzi | December 19th, 2023

It’s been a huge year for Taylor Swift, capped off with her announcement as Time’s Person of the Year. To celebrate, in Bullseye fashion, here are all of Taylor Swift’s albums in Nike form.

Taylor Swift (2006)- Jordan 1 Low “Geode Teal/Metallic Gold”

The AJ1 “Geode Teal/Metallic Gold” is a perfect color match to the OG Taylor Swift album. The gold embroidery and swoosh mimic Swift’s hair and the shiny feel of the music within. Both the album and the shoe are bright and upbeat, the ideal way to kick off the list.

Fearless (2008)- Jordan 12 Retro “OVO White” 

Though this shoe is an homage to a different topic recording artist, Drake, it fits the vibe of the “Fearless” album perfectly. Both Swift and Drake have over 200 Billboard Top 100 chart entries with Drake topping the list with 327. Between the iconic and classic silhouette of this shoe and the white and gold “Fearless”-esque coloring, this is the perfect choice for the album equivalent. 

Speak Now (2010)- Jordan 1 Low “Unity”

An everyday shoe, the purple Jordan 1 Low brings fairytale to the real world, just like “Speak Now”. This shoe is subtle and dreamy much like the album itself. Girly in a great way, this model is whimsical and light, reminiscent of the magic of “Long Live” and “Mine”.

Red (2012)- Jordan 1 Mid “Light Curry Cardinal Red”

I thought an all-red choice would be a little too easy here, and the “Light Curry Cardinal Red” AJ1s fit the vibe much more closely. The balance of the tan overlays brings the fall element which is core to “Red”.

1989 (2014)- Jordan 11 Retro “Pantone”

In 2014, “1989” was released and the color of the year was Pantone Blue, making this combination a perfect fit! Taylor Swift’s transition to Pop royalty is marked here by a confluence of the album vibe and the color of the year. Making this shoe an even better fit, its retro style is in step with “1989”s and the OG Jordan 11s were released in the years of Swift’s early childhood. The recent release of Taylor’s Version of the album also features a similar sky blue background.

Reputation (2017)- Jordan 4 Retro “Fear Pack”

Swift’s bite back against the attack of her public image, “Reputation” has a much more rough and edgy feel. This makes the Fear Pack’s AJ$ a perfect fit. The spectrum of grayscale tones and depth of overlays is in line with the colors and intent of the album.

Lover (2019)- Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort “Celestine Blue”

The color scheme of the “Celestine Blue” screams “Lover”. Blues, pinks, and yellows give both a romantic and dreamy feel. The feel of the album is a revamped pop version of her earlier music, just as bright as the debut in feel. The shoe is layer, but light and airy, making the two a good match.

Folklore (2020)- Jordan 2 Retro “Cement Gray”

“Folkfore” calls for an understated and elevated shoe. Complex and nuanced, Jordan 2s are up to snuff, and the “Cement Gray” colorway compliments the album’s monochrome. Subtly and calm are the general vibes of both “Folklore” and this May release. 

Evermore (2020)- Two 18 x Jordan 2 Retro Low

The Two 18 and Jordan collab heavily features cozy earth tones, a perfect fit for the woodsy feel of “Evermore”. The nature imagery throughout the album, heard in songs like “ivy” and “willow’ is mirrored in the browns of this Jordan 2. The red and blue piping even highlight the album’s muted flannel colors. Nubuck gives the silhouette an easy and understated feel in this release.

Midnights (2022)- Jordan 3 “Midnight Navy”

Fittingly, Swift’s most recent album can be likened to this new release, premiering tomorrow. Moody, but balanced, this release will fit the album’s vibe not just in name, but also in color and aesthetic. 

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